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Metal Shim Resources & White Papers


Product Brochure

The 8-page SPIROL® Precision Metal Shims brochure covers SPIROL's stamping and machining services including laser technology, SWAT® technology, heat-treating, edge bonding, CNC high-speed profile cutting and compound tooling.  It is a comprehensive brochure that shows the breadth of products and services offered by the SPIROL Shim Division.

Download SPIROL Shim Brochure

Download SPIROL's Corporate Brochure

White Papers

Our technical White Papers will provide you with a wealth of information regarding Shim design and production technology not found anywhere else. The White Papers cover many topics including comparing types of materials, methods for maintaining alignment, alternative design suggestions for product improvement and cost reduction, and ways to manage Shim tooling costs.

This page will be dynamic with new White Papers being added regularly, therefore check back often so that you don't miss out!

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