Shims And Spacers Manufactured For Office Equipment


SPIROL manufactures Precision Shims and Spacers for companies requiring office equipment solutions. Our products are used for prototyping and full production in a variety of different office equipment applications including desk chairs, trays, desk lighting and computer monitor mounts amongst others. Precision shims, being used to fill in small gaps between objects and with their ability to reduce wear and absorbing tolerances lend themselves perfectly in applications such as the swivel assembly of desk chair bases. Furthermore, Spacers enable customized positioning of components and their ability to separate components is utilized in components such as feet levelers in desks.

Office Equipment Spacers

How Our Products Are Used In Office Equipment

    • Shims
      • Chair Base Swivel Assemblies
    • Spacers
      • Metal Caster Mounts
      • Under-Chair Frames & Control Mechanisms
      • Slotted Pins in Keyboard trays
      • Cart Caster Mounts
      • Task Lighting
      • Leveling Feet of Desks
      • Carts and Cabinets
      • Computer Monitor Mounts

View a full illustration of how our shims and washers are used for Office Equipment.

In-House & Supporting Services For Your Shims

SPIROL provides options to increase flexibility for design and manufacturing engineers. Analyzing your needs and requirements, our team can create shims and spacers suited specifically to your office equipment applications. From technical support to specialty products such as Edge Bonded Shims and other kitting options, we help take the cost and complexity out of your assemblies

Furthermore, SPIROL confirms its dedication to high-quality engineering with the following quality certifications that we have acquired:

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