Laminated Shims


Peelable Shims

Laminated Shims have peelable layers of metal which are removed until the Shim has the proper thickness. They are built up from layers of precision gauge metal foil. The peelable Shim layers are bonded into a rigid structure that appear and function as a solid sheet or plate. Adjusting them is as easy as peeling off laminations with a tool.

Laminated Shims are produced by surface-bonding layers of precision-metal foils or composite films and resin adhesive into sheets. The foils can be aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and brass, among others.

Rather than having to stack a number of individual Shims, a single Shim set can be adjusted to desired thickness and slipped into position. In this way, variable close tolerances can be achieved saving considerable time required to pick various different thicknesses of loose Shims.

How Laminated Shims Are Applied

A Shim is a thin piece of metal or composite that is used to fill in space between components, for adjustment of fit, in a mechanical assembly:

  • Pumps & Motors, Motor support struts, thrust reversers, fuselage, landing gears, gas turbines
  • Hydraulic controls, refrigeration, and industrial ventilation machines
  • Injection molding, extrusion, printing, paper machinery
  • Machine tools
  • Automotive, Aircraft & Aerospace markets
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Civil Engineering Equipment

Benefits of Laminated Shims

  • Cost Savings
  • Reduced Assembly Time
  • Minimizes line side SKU's
  • Fewer items in related inventory storage space
  • Dimensional accuracy without expensive machining

The finished Shims withstand reasonable handling, including shearing and machining.

How To Choose The Right Laminate Material

Choose the laminate material that most suits your application's needs:

Material Pressure Resistance (psi)
Aluminium 14,223
Brass 64,004
Stainless Steel 99,562
Carbon Steel 120,897

If the application is:

  • Less than 300°F with no pressure: use aluminium
  • Less than 300°F with pressure: any material listed can be used
  • Greater than 300°F with or without pressure: use brass, stainless steel, or carbon steel

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