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Our objective is to provide our customers with the highest quality, short run stamped and machined components, delivered on time, at the lowest price.

Primary Operations

SPIROL offers numerous primary production methods from conventional stamping processes to CNC laser cutting, CNC milling and high speed machining and SPIROL's proprietary SWAT® Technology (Stamping Without a Tool), all geared towards producing low volume components at the most economical cost. Several methods eliminate investment in tooling and are ideal for prototype work.

How We Deliver Products At Economical Costs:

How To Control Shim Tooling Costs

Full In-House Secondary Operations

SPIROL controls quality, lead time and cost by performing most secondary finishing processes in-house. These processes include heat treating, grinding and lapping, high speed polishing, deburring, finishing, edge-bonding, painting, passivating, irridating, bar coding, and a variety of part marking and packaging techniques.

In-House Tool Manufacturing

When tooling is required, SPIROL produces tooling in-house to support compound tooling needs and general stamping requirements. This lowers cost and shortens delivery.


SPIROL offers express delivery service, stocking programs in support of JIT deliveries, EDI communications, and free engineering consultation. SPIROL Engineers assist customers in designing the best Shim for the application and in finding the best production method for their Shim requirements to achieve the desired quality and price. Real time RFQ and order tracking facilitates immediate response on order inquiries and fast quotations.

Special Services

Special Services Offerings

SPIROL has made a total commitment to quality to consistently anticipate and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers at the lowest cost. To make your job easier, as well as support the current and emerging needs of your Design and Manufacturing Teams, SPIROL offers the following:

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