Shims Manufactured for Heavy Equipment


Automotive Shims - Powertrain Shims

SPIROL manufactures Precision Shims, Thrust Washers and Hardened Spacers for the most demanding companies in the Heavy Equipment industry which includes construction equipment and other off-highway applications. Specifically, our products are used for prototyping, full production and field service throughout the mining, construction, rolling stock and transportation industries.

SPIROL provides options to increase flexibility for design and manufacturing engineers. From technical support to specialty products such as Edge Bonded Shims and other kitting options, we help take cost and complexity out of your assemblies.

Focused On Quality

Through maintained quality control over the entire production process, SPIROL is one of two Shim manufacturers who have achieved the CAT Certification as a part of Caterpillar's Supplier Quality Excellence Program (SQEP) for four consecutive years.

SPIROL is a key shim supplier to industry leaders such as Caterpillar, Allison Transmission, Electro Motive Diesel, and Komatsu.

How Our Shims Are Used in Heavy Equipment Applications

Small components like construction equipment Shims can play a major role in your overall costs and product quality. We've delivered Shim components for heavy equipment and construction equipment since 1948. Below are examples of specific fastening and joining solutions we've worked on for heavy equipment applications:

  • Sensor Alignment
  • Engine Gaskets
  • Component Spacing
  • Pivot Points
  • Bearing Preloads
  • Power Couplings
  • Powertrain for Alignment & Wear Resistance

View a full illustration of how our shims and washers are used in the Heavy Equipment industry.

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