Adjustable Shims


Adjustable Shims provide a simple, single SKU solution when a range of Shim thicknesses are required.

Stacked tolerances in a mechanical assembly can often create a situation where the required Shim thickness varies from assembly to assembly. In the past, conventional methodology dictated that Shims in multiple thicknesses be stocked to be used alone, or stacked in combination, to provide the total thickness required. The disadvantage of this method is that multiple SKUs must be ordered, stocked and maintained.

Adjustable Shims allow you to reduce the number of SKUs to manage, and as a result simplify purchasing and warehousing requirements. Common applications that benefit from Adjustable Shims are: transmissions, pumps and electric motors where the Shims are used to control axial motion. These Shims are sometimes referred to as Endplay Shims or Thrust Washers. Another common application is Leveling Shims, also known as Pump Shims or Foot Shims, for large floor-mounted industrial equipment such as pumps, motors or compressors, where the Adjustable Shims are used to compensate for any gap between the unit’s feet and the mounting surface. 

Many Shim suppliers offer Adjustable Shims, but in a limited range of “standard” sizes and shapes. SPIROL manufactures Adjustable Shim Packs from a range of raw materials in thickness and design specifications to meet specific application requirements. SPIROL Adjustable Shims are available from 0.25mm-9.5mm (.010”-.375”) total thickness. While Laminated Shims (otherwise known as Surface Bonded Shims) are typically available in 0.05 or 0.08mm (.002" or .003") layer thickness, there is no restriction on layer thickness for Edge Bonded Shims.

Adjustable Shims Materials

As a matter of fact, Edge Bonded Shims can be produced with various thicknesses and quantities of each thickness within one Shim Pack in the following standard materials

SPIROL employs a wide variety of manufacturing technologies including conventional stamping, laser cutting, CNC milling/machining, and S.W.A.T. (Stamping Without A Tool). These broad capabilities allow us to create Adjustable Shims, available in both Laminated and Edge Bonded configurations that can meet any thickness requirement up to the total thickness of the Adjustable Shim.

Adjustable Shims are suitable for use in any application that uses multiple thicknesses in the same configuration. They are used by leading companies in the aerospace, agricultural equipment, automotive powertrain, construction/heavy equipment, government/defense, heavy truck, industrial equipment, oil & gas, and power generation industries.

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