Shims for the Aerospace Industry


SPIROL manufactures Precision Shims from laminated and solid material, for the most demanding companies in the Aerospace industry. Our Aircraft Shim products are literally used from the nose to the tail of the plane, in landing gear and everywhere in between. We custom manufacture Shims specifically for use in aircraft component assemblies, meeting exacting commercial, military and aerospace standards to provide reliable performance in harsh environments.

Aerospace Shim Manufacturer

In addition to being certified to AS9100, SPIROL is proud to be Nadcap accredited for chemical processing and laser beam machining and cutting. Nadcap (formerly NADCAP, the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) is a global cooperative standards program for aerospace engineering, defense and other related industries.

In-house & Supporting Services for Your Shims

Accreditation to Nadcap AC7108 Rev J certifies SPIROL to perform the following processes in-house as supporting services for your Aerospace Shims:

  • Surface Treatment / Passivation ASTM A 380
  • Surface Treatment / Passivation ASTM A 967
  • Surface Treatment / Passivation Other
  • Surface Treatment / Passivation QQ-P-35
  • Surface Treatment / Passivation AMS-2700
  • Surface Treatment / Passivation AMS-QQ-P-35

Our Nadcap certification to the SAE Aerospace Standard AS7003 for Nonconventional Machining, Laser Beam Machining (LBM) and Cutting enables SPIROL to use low cost and highly versatile nonconventional machining methods to supply products directly to companies such as Rolls Royce, Hamilton Sundstrand, GE Aviation and Honeywell. We also offer quick turnaround on Boeing, Northrop and other standard part numbers.  As a testament to the prestige of this accreditation, SPIROL is 1 of only 66 suppliers in the United States, and 1 of only 106 suppliers in the world who is accredited for LBM and Cutting.

How Our Shims Are Used in Aircraft

We have delivered Shim components to the aerospace industry at the lowest-installed cost since 1948. Below are examples of specific high performance applications our Aerospace Shims are used for in aircraft:

  • Pilot Control Assemblies
  • Cockpit Pedestal Assemblies
  • Landing Gear
  • Fluid / Hydraulic Systems
  • Space Compensators in Engines
  • Wear Components in Landing Gear
  • Control Systems
  • Auxillary Power Units
  • Turbine Engines
  • Hydraulic Actuators for Flight Surfaces

View a full illustration of how our shims and washers are used in the Aerospace industry.

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