Jeffrey F. Koehl Appointed Chief Executive Officer of SPIROL International Holding

Jeff Koehl

February 2018 - At its Annual General Meeting held on February 15, 2018, the SPIROL International Holding Board of Directors appointed Jeff Koehl Chief Executive Officer of SPIROL International Holding.

Since his hire in September of 1997, Jeff has been a critical element of SPIROL's continued success. Jeff began his career with SPIROL as the Production Manager for Coiled Pins, and shortly thereafter he was promoted to Vice President (Coiled Pins). In April of 2000, Jeff transferred to Vice President of Inserts and in February of 2002, he was appointed Vice President of SPIROL International Holding Corporation. Jeff was appointed Chairman / CEO of SPIROL International in 2010.

Under Jeff's direction, SPIROL Americas has achieved record level sales and new business generation. Through his keen business acumen and drive, Jeff has been instrumental in the implementation of SPIROL's Global Vision, leading SPIROL into new markets and territories such as Brazil.

With great excitement we look forward to Jeff's contributions as Holding CEO and the guidance he will provide to the entire corporation for years to come.


SPIROL specializes in high quality, Precision Engineered Shims ranging from simple OD/ID configurations to complex geometries in a wide variety of standard and custom materials.  With over 70 years of experience focusing on continually enhancing our services, we have become one of the premier global suppliers to the aerospace, agricultural equipment, government/defense, heavy equipment and industrial equipment industries.  We provide product, including prototypes, in quantities ranging from one piece to thousands, in thicknesses ranging from .002” (0.05mm) to .250” (6mm). Our commitment is to work with you to provide the highest quality Shim product at the best price-point value in our industry.

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